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Happy new year guys, a quick note to tell you about the April Astrocamp 2018. Booking is now open for the 14th- 17th April 2018


I have been attending this event twice a year for the past 4 years, it is an absolute blast. The organisers put on a fantastic weekend of observing and fun at the pub, in the past we have had talks on Gravitational waves and the Herschel space observatory by Dr. Chris North, Galaxies and dark matter by Jeni Millard, X Wing in space by Matt Kingsnorth, Flight Director from the ESA (that’s the Essex Space Agency by the way!) along with others.


The location of this gathering of astronomers and astrophotographers is the camp site in Cwmdu, we take over the site for the weekend and the owners kindly turn off the lights for the duration. The weather is generally good with many hours of observing etc but on the off chance that Welsh weather doesn't play ball, the social side of the gathering takes over under the gazeebo on the common.


New attendees are welcomed and the Astrocamp family continues to grow.


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